Common Foot Problems
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Dr. Johansson treats all types of foot and ankle problems, including, but not limited to, those listed below. 

-  Athlete's foot
-  Dry, cracked skin
-  Ingrown toenails
-  Fungal nail infections
-  Warts
-  Corns and Calluses
-  Blisters
-  Diabetic foot care
-  Foot odor & perspiration
-  Removal of splinters, glass
-  Wound care
-  Sports injuries
-  Tendinitis
-  Shin splints
-  Plantar fasciitis
-  Ankle sprains
-  Broken bones & other trauma
-  Bunions
-  Hammer toes
-  Heel & arch pain
-  Gout
-  Arthritis
For more information on these and other foot problems, please click on the link below:

Common Foot Problems