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Karin Johansson, DPM
Thomas Franchini, DPM
Alicia Attanasio, DPM 


Dr. Karin Johansson has been in private practice in Manhattan since completing her residency in Primary Podiatric Medicine in 2002.  She often evaluates and treats individuals who are marathon runners, triathletes, and professional dancers, but also enjoys treating the many New Yorkers who simply suffer from day after day of "pounding the pavement."  After living in NYC for over twenty years, the doctor has experienced foot problems of her own, and can quite often relate to what her patients are feeling.  Dr. Johansson loves reading, crocheting, being in the great outdoors, and volunteers for an animal rescue group here in NYC.

        Cabrini Medical Center, New York, NY

Medical school:
        The New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York, NY

Pre-Med Studies:
        The University of Maryland, College Park, MD

       The University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
                    B.S. in Business Administration

Surgical Center Affiliations:

       Gramercy Surgery Center, New York, NY

Dr. Thomas C. Franchini has close to three decades of experience as a Board certified Podiatric Surgeon and a diplomat in the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He was fellowship-trained at the National Naval Medical Center and served his nation in the Navy for twenty years, retiring with the rank of Commander. His expertise embraces all aspects of Foot and Ankle from common strains and sprains and routine foot care to complex conditions which require surgical intervention, as well as the basic care of diabetics and wound care treatment. Dr. Franchini is a former Chief of Orthopaedics at both Newport and Beaufort Naval Hospitals. His leadership and compassion have followed him as he is now a highly esteemed medical professional, practicing with surgical privileges at several of the most respected medical centers in the city. Respect and informing the patient of a treatment plan is the core to his practicing technique. He will answer all of your questions posed and make you leave the office feeling well-informed and knowing you are in good hands. 




Dr. Alicia Attanasio